Anthony Wells, III

Student Ambassador  

Hello family and friends, I made it back from my voyage.  When I started out with my attempt to travel to Australia and New Zealand, I had no idea of how much hard work and effort it would take for me to get there.  

The hard work and effort that came with helping me get there, came with a large price tag. This price tag consisted of a great deal of hard work and required much effort to raise the funds

From April to June, I watched my mom, family and friends pull together to help me with this accomplishment.

I walked away from this trip with many exciting memories. The first being the event held at Jehovah Christian Ministries, in Capital Heights, Maryland.  This church flourishes under the divine leadership of Reverend Dr. Jesse P. Clay, Jr.   At Jehovah Christian Ministries, the youth were allowed to display their talents, which was pretty cool.  Next, we held three fish fry’s at my home church, Fellowship Bible Way Church, under the leadership of Bishop Johnny C. McClam.

What is also memorable were the monetary donations received online, through the mail and in hand, and the bon voyage celebration.

What I learned through each of these particular events, was that my family and friends cared a great deal about me and my effort.  With my goal in mind and my desire to succeed, coupled with motivation, hard work and working together, I knew this goal could be accomplished.  It is through this belief that we were able to accomplish covering the entire cost of my trip.

Going away from home, from my family and friends was scary at first.  However, after a few hours on the plane with my new friends and now extended family, I was able to deal with my anxiety.  I will always remember those feelings.  

I had the most awesome experience of spending time with a family in New Zealand for two days, visiting the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef and the Ibis hotel in Sydney.  All of the student ambassadors, myself included, had a blast.

The things that I will remember most about this trip include  time spent with my new friends, chaperones and homestay family;  meeting new people, climbing down a cliff, taking a photo holding a koala bear, taking lots of pictures, learning and interacting with another culture, and eating Kangaroo steak, which is actually kind of tasty.

This trip and the many efforts to help me get there will never be forgotten.  I will always cherish all of the wonderful memories that I have as a result of being able to represent my family and friends, church community, school and peers.

I just want to say, with hard work and the support of people who care, Dreams really do come true.  Thank you mom and Mr. E., Uncle Pops and Aunt Pauline, family and friends!  You all have helped to make one of my dreams become a reality.


Anthony C. Wells, III

The Ambassador Has Returned